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Groundbreaking Strategies was founded on the notion that strong partnerships build strong businesses. We specialize in strategy, creative, and advising services intended to move you, and your ideas, to the next level.


Leadership isn’t a silo, and often consultants and advisors can help you see things differently. Groundbreaking Strategies can help you see new perspectives and prepare for roadblocks. Groundbreaking Strategies also has extensive knowledge regarding Gen-Z and Millennial trends, elevating your targeted campaigns and strategies. 


Strong organizations, campaigns and projects need a strong vision to propel them. Groun​dbreaking Strategies can help define your mission, vision, and values while operationalizing them for your specific needs. Whether you're in a high-stakes campaign or looking to increase market share, Groun​dbreaking Strategies can help. 


Whether you're looking for a one-off project or long-term communications management, Groundbreaking Strategies has solutions to maximize your social, advertising, and public relations channels. 

Speaking Engagements

From corporate events to commencement ceremonies, Groundbreaking Strategies CEO, Zenani D. Johnson, can motivate and inspire your guests. 

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